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do you think he heard you? >> i'm praying that he did. if he did, you should see some changes in his actions. >> you are paced in baltimore. you touched on medication earlier. as you know the health outcome of patients on medicaid are a poorer than they are for patients with private insurance. but this is a big debate in countries around the country, whether they should expand their medicaid programs at obamacare requires them to do. if you were advising the governor of maryland what would you tell them to do with the medicaid expansion some. >> i would say we need to start talking about something that makes sense. it doesn't make a lot of sense to invest a lot of our eggs in something that doesn't work. >> real quick. >> i'm a former teacher and dean and i just want to know how do we get young people to care about the debt and deficit? >> i think we have to give them examples like the one i gave, 507,000 years so they begin to understand what we are faying.
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>> go ahead, quick. >> i was going say it's easier to be ignorant and reliant than it is to be responsible and informed. how do you change that? >> well, one of the things we are going to have to do, and i don't have a lot of time to get into it, but we have to use technology. there's some wonderful ways we can use that. virtual classrooms, it can help us enormously. i'm working on that project with something in baltimore right now. >> of your scholarship fund. >> carson's everyone get involved. [applause] >> thank you very much. >> that is all the time we have left. as always, thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. with will see you back >> this is the fox report. tonight "mamaking history at th speed of nearly 200 miles an hour. the racing world sees danica
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patrick sdo something that is truly a first. pope benedict xvi takes the last opportunities to connect with a master. what a welcome he gets. >> erupting in cheers as pilgrims have their spiritual leaders during one of the most cherished editions of the catholic church pope benedict 15's following the decision to resign. also new developments after accusations this man got physical aboard a plane because a child was crying. >> i pushed him away that's when he lashed out. >> in minutes how the mom is claiming the child is suffering as a result. they are called the latest for a reason. >> the firefighters battled this
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inferno. >> we begin tonight with an emotional day in rome. pope benedict xvi made the first public pier rance shocking catholics around the world with the decision to retire at the end of the month. the pope speaking to a crowd estimated at 100,000 people in saint peters square. the pontiff's voice strong as he spoke in 6 languages blessing worshippers in the square and beyond and thank will them for their love and support. >> thank you. your presence here is a sign of the affection and spiritual closeness you are showing me in these days. i am deeply grateful. in particular the city of roam and the administration led by the mayor i want to greet and thank him as well as all of the inhabitants of this beloved city of rome. >> pope dbenedict stepping down first time it happened in more than 600 years.
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the conclave could be moved up sooner to choose a successor. >> as we begin a new week we can expect more movements in the show down over the confirmation of former republican senator chuck hagel. he's the man president obama picked to be the next secretary of defense. one high ranking republican high vote to confirm hagel should be allowed to happen. he successfully stalled it over a slew of concerns over hagel's position on israel and iran. questions about how the white house handled the terror attack on the consulate in libya has become part of the debate over chuck hagel. steve sen at this is life with more. >> the qualifications of chuck hagel at the pentagon. but he is saying he will probably be confirmed anyway. hagel was widely criticized for his performance during the senate confirmation hearings. they delayed their vote to ask
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questions about the nominee. there is no hurry in filling such an important component. >> i think we are doing our job to scrutinize i think one of the most unqualified radical choices for secretary of defense in a very long time. >> meantime senator john mccain says hagel is not qualified but thinks it is time to go ahead with a vote anyway. enough time has gone by to ask questions. hagel probably has the votes anyway to be confirmed. the white house is worried they are building slowly not only hagel but john brennan for the head of the cia. he has brave concerns about the delay. >> between john, brennan the cia director chuck hagel as secretary of defense we want to make sure we have those guys sitting in the chair working. i don't want there to have been
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something missed because of the hang-up in washington. >> a vote on hagel's nomination is expected sometime after congress returns to work on capitol hill on february 25th. >> steve sen ton a sent ni /* / thank you. >> it is quote dead on arrival. rubio was one of the republican and democrats senators who reached a break through bipartisan agreement on immigration this year. john mccain is also weighing in. on the internet he tweeted headed down to southern arizona to assess senator casher and representative mike mccall. they want to see the true state of the border security in mexico they are the ones traveling with mr. mccain. doug luzader live with more on this. >> the president's newings
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immigration plan is raising eyebrows on capitol hill even if the details are a little sketchy. according to a draft linked to usa today the president wants to create a special new visa specifically for illegal immigrants that would allow them to stay in the country while they wait for permanent legal status. even those with criminal records would be welcome so long as they hadn't committed crimes and spent a year in prison. it is a bipartisan plan slowly taking place in capitol hill. >> this raises the question many of us continue to wonder about. does the president really want a result or does he want another to beat up republicans so he can get political ad vantage of the next election. >> the president is simply following through with a promise to have a plan of his own ready to go if congress fails to act.
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we are gracively supporting. >> the real sticking point for many republicans will come down to border security. the bipartisan plan coming together here is expected to require that the borders be secure before there's a final pathway to citizenship. so far based on what we have seen reported on the president's plan that trigger mechanism doesn't appear to be part of the white house bill. harris? >> doug, thank you. president obama facing tough competition on the golf course on this sunday. this is the only video we have because the media are not allowed to get near the four some but they are hitting the link with tiger woods in florida. tiger's former coach has given the president a few tips during the round yesterday. today wausz the first time golfing with tiger woods. about the access to president obama that has been a source of discussion among wide range people in the media tonight. chief correspondent at henry is president of the white house correspondence association.
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he had issued a short time ago an official response and statement. you are saying this first on fox report. it reads quote speaking on behalf of the white house correspondence association a broad cross-section of our members from prince, radio on-line and tv have expressed extreme frustration to me about having absolutely no access to the president of the united states this entire weekend. there is a very simple but important principal we will continue to fight for today and in the days ahead. transparency. moments ago, the white house releasing a response saying the press access granted by the white house today is entirely consistent with the press access for previous golf outings. back and forth tonight between the white house and the press corps. we will let you know about anything else. >> a new report raising questions about a world famous athlete claims he accidentally
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shot and killed his model girlfriend. what investigators reportedly found inside the home of olympian oscar pisto rishg us which casts doubt on his side of the story. it is true the death of his girlfriend was not just a tragic mistake. >> an allegation flying. this mom says a stranger did the unthinkable little boy as she held her towedlddler on her lapa flight. the boy has not been the same since. what happened on the air that has the fbi involved. stay close. hi. hi.
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>> a major south african news newspaper shedding lights on oscar reeva steenkamp. the april ppaper reporting theya cricket bat bloody at the scene. police revealed ♪ you know my heart burns for you... ♪
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bombs going off within minutes of each other. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. iraq, those explosions targeting outdoor markets across baghdad at the start of the work week, and bombs and parked cars going off at different parts of the capital and hospitals inundated with injured people. australia, a british teenage backpacker lost for three days in the outback is now out of the hospital. and the 18-year-old reuniting with his mom who made the trip down under when she heard her son was missing. >> this is one of the best days of my life. >> harris: her son was found dehydrated after getting lost while jogging in 104 degree heat.
7:31 pm
3500 couples tying the knot at unification church. it's the first time since the death of its leader and founder, the reverend sun myung moon last year. his widow is now doing the honors. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. i'm harris falkner, this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour, time now for the top of the news. russian authorities say now more than half of the windows broken out by the shock waves caused by a meteor are now repaired. friday's exploding space rock shattered glass in more than 4,000 buildings and a russian report says up to 1200 people injured, 40 remain hospitalized. newly appointed secretary of
7:32 pm
state john kerry talking with russia's foreign minister this morning. we're told they discussed the ongoing crisis and north korea's latest nuclear test and the two leaders will try to meet again in the coming weeks. a cold day in washington d.c., but showing up for a reaction on climate change. environmentalists gathering at the nation's mall. the national mall. they want president obama to reject a proposed keystone pipeline that will carry oil from canada to the gulf of mexico. and supporters say the government intervention is ill-advised. a popular washington state gun maker responding to-- after they passed a sweeping assault weapons ban and new restrictions on ammunition. a political battle also at the same time is set in another state, colorado. lawmakers there are preparing to vote on gun control measures as early as tomorrow. adam housley is live for us in
7:33 pm
los angeles with more. adam. >> yeah, harris, the political gun battle from small towns like california, all the way to the national state and of course at the state level, you mentioned new york and colorado over the weekend, it was all about gun laws, like a marathon session on saturday. saw four of them passed, including gun laws that do everything from banning the purchase of magazines that hold 15 rounds to others have purchase private sale of firearms and instituting a universal background check, it's a day long thing that happened on saturday and continues tomorrow and those in favor of the ban say it's absolutely essential. >> that is the common thread that we see in the massacres, they're using high capacity magazines to unload as many bullets as they can to kill as many people as they can, in our schools, in our theaters and in our church. >> the magazine has one issue that's hitting a hot button
7:34 pm
topic in colorado because mag pole, the manufacturing magazines, attack on their jobs, attack on their freedoms and attack on the second amendments. >> and shipping and design as well as our headquarters facilities and probably another 400 or even more in our suppliers, subcontractors and service providers. >> and harris, this will be taken up in colorado. as you can see, there are people on both sides who make it a big issue. and some say overreaction and freedoms, and as you know, never an easy issue when you're dealing with the gun issue. >> it's a national conversation that people are having in straits across the nation. i was reading that they passed a law about self-defense on college campuses. >> with the aurora shooting, we were there for that last summer. and different states that addressed it as well. whether or not students should be allowed to carry conditions
7:35 pm
on campus in colorado and shall not be allowed and taken up as well. this is an issue in so many different ways and now you have the student issue and some say it's okay in colorado essentially saying, no, so far, but the battle is far from over. >> harris? >> adam housley live for us in los angeles, thank you very much. let's turn overse,, a bold and deadly attack in africa, once again westerners are among the targets and gunmen in nigeria, killing a security guard. we're told they're from britain, greece, italy and lebanon. part of the country under awac die islamic extremists, no word of randsome demands, but officials expect a radical islam sect blamed for killing nearly 800 people in the the past year. a manhunt for three thieves who did a smash and grab at a jewelry store, nabbing 2 million dollars worth of stuff
7:36 pm
out of a display case. where it happened and how they got away with it all. plus, the first african-american to go up in space. next, we share the inspiring journey of colonel sky looper. [ male announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance in sync?
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we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day afr day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] e pill eachmorning. 24 hours. zero heartbur >> this is a fox news lart. i am marianne rafferty in new york. mindy mccready has died. original reports say she committed suicide this afternoon. the sheriff's office are telling us deputies found her dead apparently from a gun shot wound to her head. she was on the front porch of a home. they were called to the scene because someone reported hearing gun shots in the area.
7:40 pm
an autopsy will be completed to confirm what caused her death. the sheriff's office says it will fully investigate the matter. mccready hit the top of the charts in the 1990s before personal problems side tracked her career. mccready's boyfriend and father of her 9 month old son died. mindy mccready has died from an apparent gun shot wound to her head. investigators believing she committed suicide. she was 37 years old. now back to "the fox report." a here at fox news we're partnered to celebrate black history month. aat as we call it. and supported by roger ailes to promote diversity in the television industry. we gave you a story first on "fox & friends" and tonight, one that got a lot of response we're going to put in on the fox report. by one-on-one with the first african-american in space.
7:41 pm
what kind of perspective do you get when you look down at earth from all the way up there? >> well, it's interesting, because when you look down at the earth, you can't tell one country from another, and you realize that all of us have to live on this one planet and we all have to get along. >> what's it like to be inside as you're being in space. >> being in space was so much fun. the view out the window was great. i loved zero g and people all the time, they pay you to do this? >> i hear you saying zero and you're really smart. >> (laughter) >> he was born and raised in philadelphia, the oldest of three brothers. both of his parents were college educated his father a mechanical engineer and his mother a public school teacher. >> so i grew up in an environment where i, hey,
7:42 pm
you're' going to college and you don't have a choice. >> growing up in the 40's and 50's, do you ever feel like the cards were stacked against you because of the color of your skin? >> no, my parents did a very good job. we never felt as if we were limited in any way whatsoever. >> but the classroom was anything, but natural or easy for guy in high school. an average student, he excelled in math and science, but plodded along in everything else. >> harris: you had a guidance counselor who had doubts how you could move on at the next level. what did she tell your mom? >> i was committed at that time i wanted to be an aerospace engineer and senior year you talk to the college counselor helping you with college education and all of that stuff unfortunately this lady sort of thought that i may not be strong enough to get to college and recommended that i do something else. i ignored her. i think my mother was more
7:43 pm
upset and didn't let it bother me. >> you had a plan and how you envisioned yourself as an engineer and knew what you loved. did that make a difference, having a plan? >> yes, it really did. i knew in, by 10th grade what i really wanted to do. >> part of that plan was a detour to vietnam where he became one of the most decorated american fighter pilots and flew more than 140 missions. >> what did you love about it? >> i liked doing it by myself. >> okay. you know, i don't need a navigator or a co-pilot. i like to be able to fly in the cockpit. close the canopy and more off. >> was it important to serve your country? >> yes. >> why? >> because i'm an american. i owe an awful lot to this country and i thought one way of doing it is by serving my country. >> if you thought flying fighter jets was exhilaratinexh,
7:44 pm
he was about to take off in another gear. >> nasa a looking for the next batch of the astronauts. >> specifically african-americans, what did you think your chances were. >> i didn't think my chances were very high. >> with nearly 10,000 applicants competing for just 35 flights, his chances were slim, but guy was one of three african-american astronauts, made it through. so, what kind of personality makes it into space? >> well, you have to be a person that can get along with a the lot of different people, but you also have to be a team player. >> were you anxious? >> i was excited about flying so i think we were well portrayed. interestingly enough when you rocket into space, it's almost like riding a simulator. the simulations are so good in the ground almost like you've been there before. >> harris: now you find out your mission has been moved up and you're actually going to be the first african-american in space. what goes through your mind? >> well, i was just excited
7:45 pm
about flying. but i also recognized the importance of the role that i was going to play and my goal was to do the best job that i could. >> for his second flight, his mission was scheduled to go up in january of 1986, the same as the challenger disaster. >> and they were having problems with pay loads and flipped us, but we ended up having a safe flight, but eerie to realize that the mission after us on challenger we lost the crew. >> harris: judy reznick, ron mcnair, these are people you knew. >> these were people in my class. >> harris: it's a tough question i want to ask, did you feel guilty that you weren't on that flight? >> no, not really. i felt very fortunate that i was not on that flight. one of the things that i did was i made a commitment to make sure that we flew safely again.
7:46 pm
>> harris: when people watch the story, what do you want them to take away from it? >> that i did a very good job. i chased my dream and chase those dreams that get you excited and you'll end up doing a lot better than you can imagine. >> you were just seeing video of the colonel with some young science and math students innovated to spend the afternoon with him and soak up some of his experience and inspiration, a special thanks to the great lakes science museum in cleveland, ohio for providing such a beautiful back drop for our interview and i tweeted out inspiration on this sunday night and i think he delivered. and fire crews locked in a battle with a massive inferno, when did this happen? >> coming up, what may have been behind that explosion and what happened to those firefighters. and some of the world's biggest cats just chilling
7:47 pm
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>> an explosion throws firefighters to the ground. it's our top story on the fox trip across america. >> alabama, that explosion coming as firefighters try to contain a massive house fire near huntsville. crews say an oxygen tank inside the home rushed. the homeowner was cooking when a grease fire started. all 6 people inside managed to get out safely.
7:51 pm
>> florida, the python challenge officially in the history book. hunters bagging nearly 70 of the ber mes pythons. they signed up for the month long competition. >> a lot of people don't realize covered millions of acres of land in the florida everglades. >> the grand prize winner taking home $1,500 for the largest snake coming in at 14 feet long. >> they eat small mammals they eat anything they can catch depending on the size of the snake. so they are out there eating our native species. >> wildlife officials calling the hunt a big success. >> texas, a high school student with special needs achieving a dream and sinking the shock of his life. manager nickel marcus spent three years on the bench until his coach let him suit up for the final game of the season. the crowd went wild before he got on the court but his final shot didn't fall.
7:52 pm
that's when something amazing happened. the opposing team giving him another chance. >> we were down 15 seconds left might as well give mitchell a second shot. >> that is the most incredible sportsmanship we have ever seen. >> with the paball in his hands the shot went in. sent the fan noose a frenzy. >> lions tigers and wildcats of all kind. i understand the reporter is being joined by one in the live shot. we want to get to that. pat havens has some of the rairs wildcats in the world. this wildlife preserve is unlike any other. streaming live from kings canyon national park. i understand they are having to keep a piece of meat right there next to you to keep the cat from getting up on you. but he looks pretty friendly. >> this is a cheetah named tango.
7:53 pm
we have help here from the handler to keep him down to keep him in the frame of the shot. these cats are more than just for visitor's to enjoy the main mission is to help preserve felines in the wild. >> hit the trails near kings canyon national park to learn about the many felines in conservation. >> cat conservation is different th animals. cats learn how to hunt, how to stay safe by being taught by their mother. it's not an instinctual thing. >> coming to this facility in central california you are not only getting a unique experience you are help ago good cause. >> a lot of bang for your buck. you help cats you help a lot of other animals at the same time. >> cheetahs are different than big cats they are extremely friendly. this endangered species is massive land. image this guy passing you right by. >> tango the cheetah has been in several commercials and it goes
7:54 pm
back to project survival. >> we use them for entertainment. if i had a picture and showed you a picture of a lion it's not as effective as seeing a lion open their mouth like that. >> visitors like it. >> here you get to meet people have one-on-one contact with the cats and cats have personalities they can tell you everything. it is more intimate. it's nice. >> now here is a baby black jaguar. it is rare and was born just a few weeks ago. here at the cat haven their commitment to conservation is so important. >> i have to tell you the producers can see your live shot before i get to in the studio. you are freaking them out a little bit. you had your hand in the cat's mouth earlier. who are you the cat whisperer? >> i don't know. maybe i am the cat whisperer. i should have been more scared but the cheetahs are really nice you can tell this baby jaguar is
7:55 pm
hungry. >> give him some milk. >> thank you for joeing us the up close look. >> people are doing amazing things today. putting hur pedal to the metal danica patrick making history in day doan -- daytona. right here on fox report home page. don't go away. [ male announcer ] here's a word you should keep in mind. unbiased. some brokerage firms are. but way too many aren't.
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>> mmark b >> the kentucky based company did away with the alcohol content. they prompted them to restore the alcohol volume back to the 90 proof. in a tweet today they informed consumers you spoke, we listened. there you have it. nascar saw the raw power of a girl on fire. just in time for the big race next week on big fox peter is
7:59 pm
here. we have a woman in poll position in the daytona 500. >> danica patrick making history. wonderful effort today. she starts off 8th place gets the poll position first time ever a woman has secured it and does it in daytona 500. she was neck in neck with her teammate tony stewart for a while. she is on fit's on fox next wee. she may be favored to win it all. >> second born, my own danica. >> i told her husband get her in front of the tv. >> oscar pistorius the blade runner in the olympics last summer. his agents pulling him out of the races now. >> they canceled all races in the near future. this is a wild story, a tragedy, really. more stuff is coming out as we go. on valentine's day when reports came out the

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